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R.I.P. High Speed Trading

Michael Lewis's 2014 “Flash Boys” and 60 Minutes interview were only the beginning of the slow suffocation of high speed trading. IEX, preferential ticket orders, "Occupy Wallstreet," rising infrastructure costs, increased competition, low liquidity, and an army of communist sympathizing millennial bloggers have since all but decimated the practice. Known in the industry as "HFT,"...

Upcoming Webinar: “Decoding W. D. Gann”

WD Gann anglesMONDAY, JANUARY 23RD. We will be live-broadcasting the webinar “Decoding W. D. Gann” at 3pm CST. There is no cost for the webinar. This webinar will be deep enough to edify the long-time Gann ‘aficionado’ while at the same time introducing the basic...

The Phoenix Project

Gann charts Sadly we have seen many of our friends in the trading industry flee Chicago for the other side of the Mississippi due to the more favorable business climate out west. After the birth of our daughter and the passing of family member who's care I...

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