Silver Springs: W. D. Gann’s Metal Trading Method

Silver Springs is the comprehensive metals trading methodology of W. D. Gann. 100% Of this method has been decoded from Gann’s book “The Tunnel Thru the Air.” Gann Wrote two and 1/2 chapters on Silver Springs, which is a real place in Florida where you can kayak with manatees.

in the chapter, Gann uses the fictional and tragic story of two lovers to encode a cycle and complete trade setup methodology. A “silver spring” turned on its side looks like a cycle. Get it?

Although silver was traded in 1927 (When he wrote the book) but not gold, Gann makes it clear that gold can also be used with this strategy.



This method uses a daily chart, and combines Gann’s trend-prediction (Never buck the trend,) a cycle, certain Lunar data, his mechanical triggering system, and complete trade management.

Trades last between 3 days and 2 months. Click here to see our back-testing results. This method is taught in its entirety in our “W. D. Gann: Master The Markets” Training. 

Signals will come from a chart of gold or silver futures, but entries and exits can be done at the end of the trading day in the US Session. Trades can be executed on SLV and GLD ETFs as well as options. 



Completing Silver Springs is a new discovery. Actually, completing it is the new discovery. We have been working on this very frequently for the last four plus years. But it was worth the wait. Silver Springs is comprised completely of objective rules and precise formulas, Taking the guesswork out of trading gold and silver.

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