day trading futures

Thanks for stopping by! Chicagodaytrading.com now functions as a blog for information about and examples of W. D. Gann’s trading methods. CDT, was initially set up to set up to support our market consulting business, mainly here in Chicago.

Due to our global renown for developing the trading methods and technical methods analysis of the legendary trader W. D. Gann, it made sense to split the focus of our business in two. We still offer consulting for prop & quant trading firms, portfolio managers, market analysts, financial institutions, and trading professionals. Due to our current workload, we do not need a website for these secular market consulting services.

You will no longer find details about those services or contact information on this site. Our new division that focuses exclusively on the trading methods of W. D. Gann is Arcanum Market Research. On our new site you will find updated examples of Gann’s techniques, new discoveries, course details, and contact information.



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