day trading futures

Our focus is on unique technical analysis that either leads the market or follows big money movements.

Globally, we are renown for our work with the original, authentic trading and technical analysis methods of the legendary trader W. D. Gann. W. D. Gann’s complete trading and analysis techniques are taught and applied to modern markets in our W.D. Gann, “MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course.

Locally, we offer consulting for prop & quant trading firms, portfolio managers, market analysts, financial institutions, and trading professionals. Our services range from helping the former floor trader transitioning to the screen to complete prop-shop set-up. Our technical analysis includes most timeframes from intraday to biennial, but we specialize in the shorter time frames.



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  • 1W. D. GANNOur world renown work in decoding the original, authentic trading methods of W. D. Gann and implementing them in modern markets
  • 2PROPRIETARY TRADING FIRMSConsulting, complete prop-shop set-up, and our Maestro Prop Trading Seminar for proprietary trading firms and professionals.
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