Why in the world would anyone follow the advice or methods of a trader born in 1878? There weren’t computers, electronic trading, or a global market – so how could whatever he did be relevant to today’s markets or trading? The only answer can be that his methods were based on the same forces that moved the markets in the 1920s and still move the markets today. W. D. Gann had audited trades with a win to loss ratio of 92% in some cases. He claimed to take over $50 million dollars out of the markets in the early 1900s. Because the basis of his methods still work today, we believe that those results can also be achieved today.

However, his methods and their study require an open mind and patience. Gann was himself a great trader outside of his unorthodox methods. Some people aren’t, so they are not able to duplicate his results even with similar knowledge.

In today’s trading age of advanced quantitative analysis degrees and machine learning, W. D. Gann’s methods are more important to the trader than ever. Why? because Gann believed he had discovered the causes of the movements of financial markets. These causes are the same today as they were 100 years ago- regardless of whether the market is traded by humans or machines. No matter how smart your quant, or artificially intelligent your machine is, they all end up competing with each other doing the same thing. They are distinguished by only a few differing lines of code. Its all just chasing the past patterns derived from old market data.

Gann had identified the variables that he believed caused market movements, and found that they existed external to market data. More importantly, these variables led the market instead of following it. They are able to be reduced to specific mathematical formulas that could predict market movements in advance with an astounding degree of statistical accuracy. Gann also found that these variables proved to be constants in an ever shifting universe of market data. Moreover, no computer can brute-force for these variables. They are that unique.

In the pursuit of this strange wisdom there exists more rabbit holes, rip-offs, and wastes of time than most have the capacity to withstand. W. D. Gann’s ‘unpublished’ trading methods bear little resemblance to the ‘cottage industry Gann’ saturating the internet.

Many who have found profitable trading methods based on Gann’s work have invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in their pursuits. That’s why our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” course costs $9,300. There are only a handful of people on the planet lucky enough to have been handed the information by loved ones, and chances are you won’t be one of them. We’ve gone down thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars consuming rabbit trails, with 1 out of 100 things we try working out. So, you will either invest a lot of time and money in this field or come up short. If you have further interest in the details of how we teach Gann’s methods, click here to visit our “MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Training on the Arcanum Market Research site.

You may ask what the problem is, since Gann freely published much material on his methods. But go ahead and try to use it and apply it. It will work one time then stop. Why is that? Here’s a secret. Bonnie Hill described it best when she said that Gann “sounds like he’s lying but is really telling you the truth.” The problem is that Gann’s wrote his books as veiled reminders to his private students of his real trading methods. He never intended for you to figure out his methods from reading them. But he did intend to draw you in to his inner teaching circle by also offering sound market advice in his writings.

One of the best ways to understand Gann is to take the same journey of observation and investigation, based on the same premises that Gann had in mind. Read the same books, explore the same areas. Visit our main site, Arcanum Market Research, below to begin your journey…


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