A special thanks to everyone who has patronized the site over the years. 7 years ago a client who was passionate about our work gave us this domain and helped us get noticed. The increased global interest in our work with W. D. Gann has necessitates a change. We have to split our business into 2 entities.

The first will remain “secular” consulting to trading professionals and financial house in the areas of trading strategies, software, and trading desk services. Our workload is so big right now that we don’t need a website for that part of our business. But the second entity will feature a brand new website completely devoted to the W. D. Gann’s trading methods.

Many traders and Gann aficionados who frequent this site have asked that we leave the site up as an archive where they can see past techniques, cycles, and other examples of Gann’s trading methods. So that’s what this site will soon become, an archive and blog for Gann’s methods. Given the old framework of the site, we can’t guarantee how long it can be hosted without updated framework, but we will see. Soon we’ll be sharing the new site so stay tuned, or just search for us on yahoo and bing.

Very shortly we will be removing contact and other information from the site too, and linking it over. Thanks for your years of patronage and support!

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