WD Gann forecast

Welcome to “Empire,” the annual market newsletter based on the annual forecast and technical analysis of W. D. Gann. Empire is only available to “accredited investors” (such as larger fund managers and CTAs, professional analysts, portfolio managers, prop firm principles, etc.), and those who have taken our Gann course.

The free 2017 sampler of Empire contains a review of 2017 that covers in retrospect what the 2018 edition will forecast. The full 2018 edition also provides monthly and real-time updates on the US Equity Indexes. For analysis purposes, we use the S&P 500 Index only because it is the strongest cycle in the world markets.

The W. D. Gann forecast and 2018 edition runs from March 21st, 2018 through March 21st, 2019. So Empire will be different from other market letters in that respect. The free 2017 sampler edition reviews the forecast, turn times, and polarity line trades for 2017. In the 2018 edition, the first edition contains the W. D. Gann annual forecast for 2018, Arcana trend changes, and weighs our unique slice of economic data that’s supports the forecast as well as that which would cast doubt on it. Included will be a section on stock selection in the context of the forecast.

Real time updates are provided prior to each month for polarity breakout levels and turn time in the full 2018 edition. Money management alerts will be issued to follow polarity line trades and Gann analysis around unique events in the market like the one we have just seen in early February.

The 2018 Edition of Empire is best purchased before March, to take advantage of the polarity line signal and prepare for the beginning of the forecast march 21st. Pricing and all info is included on the sampler.

Our legal team has been pretty adamant about us doing our due diligence to ensure those eligible for the letter are trained and seasoned to understand technical analysis and the risks and rewards of potential investments. In order to receive the free sample of the 2017 Edition of Empire and be eligible to subscribe to the 2018 edition, please email us at empire@chicagodaytrading.com or call 312-532-2116 with the following:

  • Full name, phone, and email address.
  • Affirmation you are an “accredited investor” as defined by the Securities Act of 1933; including amount under your management.
  • Position of employment in the financial industry, including company website and phone we can use for verification.
  • Your promise in writing not to reproduce, re-broaadcast, or re-distribute the 2017 Empire Edition in any way, shape, or form.

Ongoing subscription to Empire is free for anyone taking our W.D. Gann, “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course. We reserve the right to decline making Empire available to anyone for any reason. Subscription to the 2018 Edition of Empire includes further disclaimers and requires NDA and hold-harmless agreements.

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