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Gann square

So this LEJU came out today. Click the above chart to enlarge. In the attached pic above of the 2 min chart, you can see that this stock declines right off the bat. Gann’s technique uses the time of the open, the price, and Gann’s way to uniquely describe each stock to predict how far it will fall. This technique is extremely powerful and simple. It can predict price in advance. For the ones like WB that take off right away, you can then predict the first pullback. Exciting stuff- even though this stock never traded before we can know definite things about how it will trade. That’s the power of W.D. Gann and his methods. Source of charts: Wave59.

We wait for 360 degrees of its square cycle.

DISCLAIMER: The examples above are given as demonstrations of technical analysis and are not trading or investment advise.

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