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W. D. Gann Webinar

This webinar was broadcast November 21st, 2016. Please check back with this page for the next scheduled broadcast in 2017.

In this exclusive webinar about the mysterious original trading methods of the legendary W. D. Gann, we outline his entire trading system. Too often those who seek to unravel Gann’s encrypted methods look to master one of his “Holy Grail” techniques. They try to grab one thing he did and apply it, often with little success. Though many of Gann’s techniques can be traded as stand-alone methods with incredible accuracy and consistency, the magic of Gann’s methodology was the incredible accuracy that is achieved by combining the 5 major components of Gann’s system.

Gann grafted esoteric basis into quantitative formulas and rules for trading. There are 5 major components to his system:

  • 1. Polarity lines for trade entry signals. (From Robert Gordon’s “Major Motors” and “Cotton” Campaigns in ‘Tunnel Thru the Air’)
  • 2. Predicting turn times for markets.
  • 3. Gann’s ‘mathematical formula’ based on his Law of Virbation for predicting highs and lows.
  • 4. Forecasting with cycles.
  • 5. The ‘Arcana’ or ‘Trend Machine’ that determined future trend changes.

Gann had a mysterious system of math that ties each of his techniques together and builds one upon the other. Without this key, the individual components of the system are inconsistent at best. In the webinar we’ll be breaking down each component of the system, explaining how Gann used it, and giving uncanny examples of how we use these trading methods to predict and trade today’s challenging markets.

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