Decoding Gann

In order to save you a lot of frustration, Gann wrote in veiled language and did not plainly communicate any of his trading methods. From our research, we believe that W. D. Gann only taught his true methods verbally. We believe ALL of his public writings were coded reminders to his students who received this verbal teaching. But Gann did have a desire to help those truly seeking his truths learn his methods. His novel, “Tunnel Thru the Air,” is all veiled language. “45 Years on Wall Street” also contains the same veiled language, but it’s mixed in with plain explanations. Gann also would substitute a “code word” for an actual description of something. If you found the code word and replaced with what it stood for every time it was used, suddenly lots of things begin to make sense.

W. D. Gann veiled his method for several reasons. First, his methods had a win loss ratio of around 92%. In his own words, Gann spent about every waking hour of a ten year period charting data by hand and performing other tedious research in libraries around the world….

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