W. D. Gann FAQ

Every week we get calls from traders all over the world about W. D. Gann, the nature of his mysterious methods, and our W. D. Gann material. Many people have studied for year and have not found the answers- and that can be a frustrating journey. And some have even paid a great deal of money seeking Gann’s trading truths, only to come up empty. Many have also doubted whether there is a causal structure external to financial markets that causes the fluctuations. Still others are weighing the time and uncertainty of searching on their own against the higher cost of our W. D. Gann course.

Following are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about W. D. Gann, his trading system and methods, and our “MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course. As this entire website is designed to save us time on the phone, the detailed answers below should clear up a lot of the questions you have before calling us…

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