Gann WheelChart source: Wave59.


In the above 5min crude oil futures chart for 10/28/14 above, you see the degrees of a numbered Gann Wheel marked off. This is similar to the square of nine, but it isn’t. In fact, Gann’s square of 9 wasn’t really a square, and it wasn’t really nine. That’s why all the commercial applications of this square have a bit of success, but they are not consistent.

Above the markings on the chart represent the prices that correspond to degrees of the circle of the correct Gann Wheel to use on crude oil futures. The number and the wheel never change. The trick is the right conversion factor for the right time frame also. Notice how price stops at the natural resistance point, 180 degrees, or half way around the circle? This happens every DAY.

This custom Gann Wheel indicator can also applied to Gold futures, the ES, soybean futures, stocks, and any market worth trading- in all timeframes. This Gann Wheel indicator and how to use this technique is available in our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course. We believe this is the correct use of Gann’s numbered wheels, and we don’t know of anywhere else in the world this information or indicator is commercially available.