Gann Mystery

…Developing these methods was very costly for Gann, so it was only right to make others invest time and energy into decoding his secrets.

Our premier WD Gann trading courseWe believe, as W. D. Gann believed, that what he discovered was the true “stock market formula” of rumor. This “Law Of Vibration” as Gann called it is the foundation the financial markets run on and adhere to, and it makes the markets predictable. The foundation of W. D. Gann’s methods were esoteric, and could easily be misunderstood and vilified in the times in which he lived. Gann only revealed his complete method in his private

courses. None of these courses are publicly accessible. Some of the secondary literature like charts, notes, and other writings from these original courses still exist, but they are in tightly clenched hands.

We have seen some of these items others have not been privy to. Those hands hold tightly to the secrets they have, and they have never been published. It was in these private courses that existed the real keys to making the techniques he showed pieces of in his public writings work. For an outline of his entire trading system, click here to visit our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course on our new site. This course is globally distinguished by its inclusion of Gann’s trans-mundane, orphic schematics which were passed to him by the Freemasons of the early 1900s.

Our research further suggests that W. D. Gann was originally taught a good chunk of his trading methods from the heirs of Judah Touro while he was in New Orleans. Further, we believe that Gann’s primary 10+ years spent in libraries and other places were spent to expand the methods and define the principles that were its foundation.



Gann’s life experiences with the Touro family and Freemasonry no doubt shaped his trading. Gann was a 32nd degree Freemason.  His involvement with Freemasonry shaped much of his knowledge of ancient wisdom, numerology, astrology and astronomy. Renowned trader Connie Brown interviewed Gann’s pilot Eleanor Smith. Smith purportedly gave Brown Gann’s suitcase with many of Gann’s original “goodies.” Some of which were Masonic plastic transparent overlays which he used to place on his charts. Gann would then place these secret overlays on his charts to perform his analysis, after which he then threw away the overlays, hiding his secrets from prying eyes.

To understand more about Gann’s esoteric influence, Gann gave us some help. He published a reading list later in his life. This list was disguised as a “book sale,” with the most influential and informative works being priced higher on the list. By reading all of the books on Gann’s recommended reading list, one can get a basic grasp of how Gann converted these esoteric premises into trading formulas. These books will also help one become familiar with the “veiled language” that he shared with the “theosophical” writers of the early 20th century. In many places in his writings, Gann simply refers you to one of these books for explanation instead of explaining a trading technique or rule in code.

This secret cabal existed at the highest levels of Freemasonry until about 1939 when it started going elsewhere. This group considered a price for the conveyance of this secret knowledge, and often they required those that incorporated this knowledge in their business or craft to hold out a cloaked version to the public to attract disciples. Or spread the “new age” message, as is the price today. It was this obligation and “evangelism” that spurned Gann’s teaching and veiled writings.


To understand W. D. Gann, you must read all of his material. His courses, articles, charts, interviews, and books. One thing Gann did was to explain a theory in one place, like a book, and show the application in a course. They are all connected, and one will help to explain another. So, you may find a mystery in one place and the key to unlock it in another of his sources. In one place he may refer to one thing with a “code name,” while in another source he may name it outright. Pay particular attention to what Gann taught toward the end of his life. As he aged, he noticed a disconnect between the depth of his teaching and the grasp of his students. So he began to package his techniques in a way that used fewer techniques in combination with market geometry and chart-based confirmations.


In the WITS (Wheels in the Sky) Group there is a recommended reading list from Gann. Many of these books and other sources from Gann’s time are available there for free. Gann also refers in code to some of these other sources, like Sepharial, in “Tunnel Thru The Air.” By reading these sources, you will discover the techniques and references that Gann veils and codes in his works.

Gann explained just enough of his methods where you have to try them out to understand them. He was a tricky man. In MOST of his applications (like the Presidential cycles in “Tunnel Thru The Air,” there are purposeful errors in the techniques he shows you. He did this so that the serious student keeps trying and tweaking until they eventually understand how to use the technique to achieve the desired result. So, clear out that space in the garage- you’re going to have to be a bit of a tinkerer if you aim to become fluent in W. D. Gann’s trading methods on your own.


This is much easier suggested than done. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, especially those who want to take your money at every turn and show you very little, mysterious, and inconsistent techniques. Whenever we give our “MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course, we find that Gann students have been “broken” from learning false methods Gann never used. We suggest finding a professional trader who knows Gann’s real methods. To do this, you will have to work your butt off, be involved in the trading industry and community in your locale (or even nationally), and gain that individual’s trust.