Gann Law of Vibration


The charts and screenshots from chat below demonstrate the awesome power of W. D. Gann’s mathematical formula from the Law of Vibration. They are each 2 minute charts. below each you will find our price and time predictions made hours in advance. After each you will then see those predictions fulfilled on the charts. Please note times. DISCLAIMER: The examples below are given as demonstrations of technical analysis and are in no way intended to be trading or investing advice. Source of charts: Wave59.

Gann forcasting
WD gann
crude oil futures
The above chart is of the ES $S&P futures contract for Monday, July 21st. On the chart, the price and time bottoms at 1859 at 9:48 right on the blue rectangle. Under the chart are transcripts. Reference the predicted prices and times of day (CST) the call and predictions were made. At 9:06 we forecast the 9:48 bottom to the minute. Before the market opened, we forecast the bottom price of 1958.50, which occurred at the 9:48 bottom time…only 2 ticks off! Impossible? This technique actually only takes under a minute to calculate.

WD Gann price and time
Gann forecasting

On the above crude oil chart notice the blue area of the price and time bottom. At 8:52 CST (over an hour earlier) we were able to accurately forecast the first bounce time on oil. Earlier we also alerted to that area due to several large moving averages and a Gann price predicted bounce level. These predictions can be made every day in about 1 minute. This lost craft is taught in our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course .