wd gann cycles This webinar was broadcast live only on June 21st, 2017. We do not record or post webinars for piracy concerns. In this exclusive webinar, we will be taking you through the entire process necessary to decode the cryptic writings of W. G. Gann. The result of 25 years experience in trading and consulting, and delving into divine and ancient literature and languages, this webinar will be blending the science of linguistic exegesis with the proprietary knowledge of the trading methods of W. D. Gann. This uncovers the true subject matter of each of Gann’s volumes and the keys to unlocking “Tunnel Thru he Air.”

Our “W. D. Gann: Magic In The Markets” Course focuses heavily on implementing the trading methods of W. D. Gann. Since we lack a lot of time in the seminar to breakdown much of how Gann coded the techniques and where he put them and get into the literature, this webinar serves as a great supplement to those that have taken the seminar and want to further their studies on their own. This webinar has been updated to include passages from Gann that have never before been publicly decoded and even a few snippets from the Cuban Lottery Video.

ALL of Gann’s writings were cryptic. He always wrote in a veiled language, but not all volumes were written in the same veiled language or encoded in the same manner. To further complicate things, many of Gann’s writings were addressed to a particular audience as coded reminders of teaching they had already received. In this exclusive webinar D’mitri will cover…

  • 1. Where to find the keys to understand Gann’s codes.
  • 2. Determining the true audiences of Gann’s works.
  • 3. How to identify the one subject that Gann most about that consumed entire volumes as well as 60% of “The Tunnel Thru The Air.”
  • 4. Finding external literature that further explains Gann’s writing.
  • 5. How Gann mixed different trading techniques together in his stories.
  • 6. How and where Gann purposefully included false information to conceal details of trading methods.
  • 7. Gann’s truly “Galactic” astrology that backed his prowess as a trader.
  • 8. What Gann was watching and calculating in the video of his Cuban lottery binder.

This webinar contains more information than W. D. Gann courses that others have charged thousands of dollars for. We will present decoded material of W. D. Gann that has never before been revealed. You will not find this information by studying one of Gann’s charts, squares of 9, Gann angles, or contemporary books written on the subject. W. D. Gann wrote in an ingenious style.

On their surface, each of Gann’s writings convey great market and trading advice. Gann’s writings were the source of popular market jargon used today, such as stop-loss, pyramiding, multi-time frames. Linking all these techniques at face value, you will get a decent trading system, but not anything secret that would net you $50 million in 1920s money. But underneath the public face of Gann’s pen does indeed lie a valuable secret which he considered more valuable to his readers than his trading system. For the first time ever D’mitri will be offering profound clues of how to read for this “secret” as well as some of Gann’s source material in which it can be found.

For more on the concealed trading system of W. D. Gann, see our “W. D. Gann: Magic In The Markets” Seminar.


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