Day trading

How can the former floor trader beat institutional artificial intelligence and whiz kids with machine learning degrees? How can the professional trader gain a consistent trading edge over firms with giant computing power? How can the high-speed trader get a leg up on the preferred ticket holder? How can the prop firm rise above the competition who brute forces every penny of opportunity from the markets?

By trading the causes of market movements, instead of following past market data. We believe that you can beat the machines! As good as trading machines and quant geniuses are, they all follow the effects of past markets movements. Once they find a pattern, it can change without warning.

W.D. Gann, a trader who took over $50 million out of the markets 100 years ago, claimed that he had discovered the true forces that moved financial markets and formed a trading system out of them. Gann then encoded this system into his writings for future generations of traders to discover.

Over the last 20 years, we have decoded his system from Gann’s public and private writings. It is a system of technical analysis and trading signals unlike anything publicly visible, using exogenous variables which Gann believed followed the cause of market movements, not the effects. Financial market movements have the same causes today as they did 100 years ago, we believe these same causes are identifiable today in modern financial markets. Below we have outlined how Gann’s trading and analysis methods can give the prop trader a leg up on the competition…

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  • Your competition will not be trading anything similar to this strategy.
  • Non-linear variables are external to market data and lead the market instead of lagging it.
  • Gann’s constants translate into precise mathematical formulas which can easily be automated.
  • Massive computing power will not find these patterns by brute-force testing.
  • These formulas use constants, which can be predicted years in advance on every time frame.
  • Since this technical analysis involve constants, they don’t have to be massaged or tweaked each day.
  • These techniques work on every time frame, but especially intraday and intra-week.
  • These methods forecast changes in trend and future direction in advance of market data.

So, take a walk from your ‘nearest neighbors’ and make a linear regression to the dark side with us. Check out our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course.