What if you could predict in advance of your market the trend and duration, turn time, break price, and the end of runs down to within 3 minutes or a few cents? Or precisely predict the price to which a market will pull back to in a trend? Enter W. D. Gann’s Law of Vibration, which is the true esoteric key to W. D. Gann’s unusual trading methods. VIEW OUTLINE & SCHEDULE.

“Magic In The Markets” is robust, detailed and comprehensive- containing W. D. Gann’s entire, original trading system. Systemized and back-tested for the trading professional, Gann’s trading systems and methods LEAD the market instead of following past market data. In “Magic In The Markets,” these trading systems are applied to intraday, intra-week, monthly, yearly, and biennial timeframes of most modern financial markets amazing statistical accuracy. Gann’s claim to fame was that he could forecast in advance when the market would turn, what price it would hit, and which way it would go because his systems and techniques are based on the causes of movements in financial markets instead of their after-effects. VIEW REAL-TIME PREDICTIONS.

The inclusion of the transmundane, orphic schematics that enable Gann’s trading methods to lead the market sets “Magic” apart from any other Gann instruction or trading course. These esoteric, non-linear variables that the early 1900s Freemasons passed to Gann are external to market data. Trading in this manner empowers open-minded quant traders and prop firms to lead the market while every other machine-learning guru is really following past market data. The non-linear nature of these variables also allow for simple, superior testing accuracy and more objective predictability. This arcane foundation is the underlying “glue” that holds unifies the techniques of Gann’s entire system and binds price and time together in concert. Read MORE ABOUT ‘MAGIC.’

W. D. Gann was an active, consistent trader who used these leading indicators to achieve a superior statistical advantage. “Magic In The Markets” is geared for the trading professional who desires to capitalize on an edge others don’t have through frequent, consistent trading. Decoded from his literature, W. D. Gann’s original, authentic analysis and trading methods are presented in precise mathematical formulas which are systemized and back-tested in their application to modern markets. Pictorial back-testing frequently displaying every trade signal in data samples for most markets and timeframes is given to each recipient of the course. Feedback from our alumn (including traders for some of the largest financial houses in the world) tell us this course is globally unmatched when it comes to the authenticity, accuracy and application of W. D. Gann’s original methods.

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Our “Magic in the Markets” Course is limited to 5 traders maximum, and will only be presented in-person at our Gann Center & Trading Room in Park Ridge, Illinois. Course price is $9,300. A $1,000 deposit via PayPal only reserves your place in the seminar, with a balance of $8,300 due upon seminar commencement.

To schedule the next “Magic In The Markets” Course, please email or contact us at: seminars@chicagodaytrading.com or CALL 312-532-2116 11am – 5pm CST M-F to check availability of desired dates (March – November only for those flying from outside of Chicago please). We also want to ensure that you are in a position to benefit from this course before before you register. After we affirm your registration, you can REGISTER here or by using button on the bottom of this page.

Connie Brown The Gann Center is located just 5 minutes north of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and all major hotels and restaurants in Chicago’s Rosemont Entertainment District.

VIEW OUTLINE & SCHEDULE. “Magic In The Markets” includes:

  • The esoteric Law of Vibration and orphic schematics Gann learned from early Freemasons that became the foundation of his trading system.
  • Gann’s 2 real methods of annual forecasting: “Curve #1” and “Curve #2. Also applied to intraday and monthly forecasts.
  • The unique time, price and volume cycles Gann found to repeat every day, week, and year in your market instrument for its entire life.
  • How Gann determined in advance intraday, intra-week, and yearly turn times down to a 4 minute window.
  • How Gann calculated the “magic polarity price” that determines breakouts/downs. Think Robert Gordon’s “Major Motors” and “Cotton” campaigns.
  • Gann’s mathematical formula to predict in advance tops, bottoms, and pullback prices within ticks on all markets and timeframes.
  • Gann’s unique ‘galactic’ astrology that was the basis of his advance trend finder, or Robert Gordon’s “Mind Reading Machine.”
  • How to “tune” your favorite indicators to the unique Gann cycle that your particular stock or future vibrates to for uncanny efficency.
  • Gann’s unique price range, measured moves and S/R for each stock or future.
  • Our unique Gann Wheel “numbered squares” chart-based price indicator with open code. Gann Trading Methods
    • Learn to draw the incredibly powerful predictive geometry of Luther Jensen (a former associate of W. D. Gann).
    • How Gann really used the Gann fan, angle and “pyramiding.”
    • Gann’s Intraday, weekly and monthly trading rules on the ES, crude, gold, soybeans, corn and other major markets used in Robert Gordon’s “Major Motors” campaign in “Tunnel Thru The Air.”.
    • Our unique W. D. Gann “Law of Vibration” price prediction formula on Excel and chart templates, including open code.
    • Back-testing of many systems and markets displaying pictures of every trade in some cases going back years.
    • Free ongoing exclusive webinars, upgrades, consultations, and admittance to future seminars.
    • Over 10 unique, customized indicators in Esignal & Wave59 formats with open code.
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    A 350+ page book with examples, details of techniques, and precise formulas will be included. Recently edited and re-formatted by a publisher, we consider the foremost manual available that teaches the true trading system and methods of W. D. Gann. Each recipient of this seminar must sign extensive NDAs (non-disclosure and resale) and hold-harmless agreements before being allowed to take this course. To inquire about scheduling or more information, see order button below, email us at: seminars@chicagodaytrading.com, or call 312-532-2116

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