2014 Annual Forecast!

Gann intraday forecasting


Our 2014 annual forecast based on the “foreknowledge” methods of W.D. Gann is out. Though we mainly day trade, our past forecasts have been amazingly accurate, so we decided to post this one for 2014 on the S&P Futures.

The forecast begins March 21st of 2014 and runs through march 21st of 2015. basically down around 10% early in the year, back up, then down around 15% (from March 21st highs) to around 1578 in a famous mid-October slide/crash. Then back up! So it will be a whipsaw year.

The beauty is that we can adapt this method to intraday trading, and accurately forecast both price and time through the day and week. See our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course.

DISCLAIMER: The examples above are given as demonstrations of technical analysis and are therefore hypothetical and not actual trades. They do not represent actual account results nor include the entirety of all predictions we make. This post and picture pertain to technical analysis only, and is a hypothetical projection. Do not trade or invest based on either the diagram or any informatio9n in this post- it is not trading or investing advice.

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