Upcoming Webinar: “Decoding W. D. Gann”


We will be live-broadcasting the webinar “Decoding W. D. Gann” at 3pm CST. There is no cost for the webinar.

This webinar will be deep enough to edify the long-time Gann ‘aficionado’ while at the same time introducing the basic idea to the trader new to Gann’s writings and methods that all of his writings were coded.

In this webinar there will be less demonstration of trading technique and more “how to” of interpreting Gann’s prose. D’mitri D. Richardson of Chicagodaytrading.com will take you step by step through the process necessary to decode W. D. Gann’s cryptic writings. By applying the science of exegesis and proprietary knowledge of Gann’s methods, D’mitri will reveal the true subject matter of each volume of Gann’s material, along with the keys you need to decode “The Tunnel Thru The Air.”

By the end of the webinar, the viewer will understand the price one will pay in decoding Gann’s writings. Included will be several phrases in Gann’s writings completely decoded as well as where to find ‘hidden’ reference sources referred to by Gann that expound on trading rules and techniques.

As a bonus, D’mitri will identify where to find Gann’s “valuable secret” in Gann’s prose, and will list 3 reference books that completely break it down.

For more about “Decoding W. D. Gann” CLICK HERE

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