Chicago trading firmOur consulting is geared for prop & quant trading firms, analysts and trading professionals. Even for established firms, we can introduce a new dimension in financial markets with our “W. D. GANN: MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” training. Below are a few situations you can find yourself in where we can be of help…

Some former traders were involved in the business of their specific product that is now traded; like wheat, metals, soybeans, or crude oil. They are older, wiser, and have more capital and management experience. But they can’t get a feel for the modern electronic markets.

Waking up from the high-speed dream, many have found that the political unpopularity of that approach, higher infrastructure costs, lower volatility and liquidity, and aggressive regulatory environment are squeezing dry those traders who’s profit goal is in the pennies. Many are hiring the latest the Masters In Quantitative Studies, emphasis in Machine Learning tech geniuses, placing them behind the hottest computers, and waiting for the money to roll in. Some even using artificial intelligence software to outsmart the market. Then it all goes south and you don’t know why.

See our extensive list of services below. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. If your need is not found below, give us a call anyway to see if it is something we can help with.

  • Equipping your traders with a new direction in financial markets with our “MAGIC IN THE MARKETS” Course.
  • Turning opportunity you feel into concrete strategies with clear-cut rules that can be automated and back-tested.
  • Creating a risk/reward model which would also include a complete cost analysis versus profit expectation.
  • Back-testing, debugging, and optimizing your existing strategies.
  • Optimizing trading software to most efficiently analyze the market, identify and seamlessly execute trading opportunities.
  • Recruit, screen and evaluate prospective traders around your vision and trading plan.
  • Connecting you with legal professionals to ensure regulatory compliance.

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