May 20th webinar: THE BLACK SWAN


In this exclusive webinar, D’mitri D. Richardson, CMT, jumps right into the actual Law of Vibration price projections that guided our clients during the latest Black Swan. Made available to our Empire Newsletter subscribers and Gann alumn in advance of market legs down, rarely have we delved this deep into the actual price targets and bounce levels in a public webinar.
As there’s still some blood in the water, next we’ll review and dissect W. D. Gann’s annual forecasting technique, spotlighting the ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’ chapter and prose where Gann explains forecasting curves #1 and #2.

What Gann webinar would be complete without cycles? Explaining the difference between a Cycle-Of-Repetition and Progression-Based Cycles, let’s appraise Gann’s cycles through the last few volatile months.

Rounding things off, for years many have asked us about off-beat, non-market-related esoterics associated with Gann. We’ve stayed away- but this Black Swan has a certain signature to it, and the devil doesn’t sign with a pen. So we’ll sneak a peek at our work with the john Titor Prophecies and “DeMolay Numbers” to see if they relate to this present event.

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