chicago proprietary tradingComplete trading or analysis office setup is offered only in Chicagoland area. This is ideal for former floor traders returning to the industry in a managerial role or trading firms based in other cities setting up a branch in Chicago. Our services can include some or all of the following…

  • 1. Organizing your shop from the ground up around your trading philosophy, goals, and methods.
  • 2. Implementing and testing your strategies and defining risk/reward based on the goals your market philosophy yields.
  • 3. Training your traders in the trading and analysis methods of W. D. Gann.
  • 4. Recruiting, screening, and training experienced traders, developers, and programmers.
  • 5. Order execution, trading, and analysis software selection, installation, and synchronization- all geared to your market philosophy, profit goals, risk parameters, personnel, and capital allocation.
  • 6. Testing, evaluating, and debugging strategies and software.
  • 7. Trading environment design and revision if necessary.
  • 8. Complete connectivity, network, trader workstation installation, and synchronization through our IT partner*.
  • 9. Our “black label” package for prop and quant firms- call for details.

*Prices based on each client’s needs and situation through on-site meeting.
*Signed detailed contract, NDA, hold harmless, and $7,500.00 USD deposit necessary to begin, with balance due immediately upon completion via bank check or wire.
*Payment up-front required for all hardware, software, data, or physical goods. Fees for subscription services such as data, connectivity, or software lease will be handled directly between your firm and those vendors.

NOTE: We do not compete in the HFT arena- that is best left to IT experts.

Questions and appointments are taken by email or by phone at 312-532-2116 11am – 5pm M-F

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