In a service to the worldwide W. D. Gann community we host several FREE webinars in the course of each year. These webinars contain material never published before about Gann’s trading system, methods of market analysis, message that was behind his works, and how to decode his writings. We can point to several instances where some have been charged thousands for much less than we reveal in these exclusive webinars. Below is a catalog of the webinars that are coming soon. You can follow a link to directly register or another link to find out more about each one first.



wd gann astrology WEDNESDAY JUNE 26th, 3pm CST THIS WEBINAR WILL ONLY BE BROADCAST LIVE AND WILL NOT BE RECORDED. In this free webinar, D’mitri Richardson, CMT, will demonstrate how reduced risk, larger market runs, and boosted consistency can result from integrating W. D. Gann’s unpublished trading methods into the finest institutional trading approaches. D’mitri has spent 20+ years honing and forensically back-testing W. D. Gann’s unpublished technical analysis to produce these modern quantitative trading formulas. More about “Real Gann For Real Traders” can be found our Arcanum Market Research site HERE.

These Gann techniques are based on exogenous data outside of financial markets, and can’t be found in conventional technical analysis. Real examples will include using Gann for predicting the duration and direction of trend for Momentum Traders, distinguishing a pullback from a change in market direction for Relative Strength Traders, forecasting the maximum range of a market run for Trend Followers, forecasting turn, top and bottom times for Elliot Wave Traders, and using cycles to pinpoint entries and exits for Market Timers. CLICK HERE to register.



wd gann astrology LAST BROADCAST WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 2017. W. D. Gann claimed that his 1927 novel, “The Tunnel Thru The Air” included a “valuable secret” cloaked in a “veiled language.” While decoding other theosophical works from Gann’s time, we stumbled upon other works which contained the entire coded manual for this ‘secret.’ Gann and most of the successful people who founded and shaped our nation and modern society personally applied this practice to their lives. Even today it is secretly practiced by the movers and shakers of the world.

Though there will be fewer trading applications in this free webinar, differentiating between the personal use and the trading application of this “Arcana” is necessary for the Gann enthusiast who is decoding his works. W. D. Gann also considered the personal application of this secret essential market psychology that tuned the trader’s vibration to the markets and prevented self- sabotage. Finally, D’mitri will point you to finding the ‘secret’ for yourself that can be practiced in any field. For more about “W. D. Gann’s Valuable Secret” CLICK HERE.



wd gann cycles This webinar was broadcast live only on June 21st, 2017. We do not record or post webinars for piracy concerns. In this exclusive webinar, we take you thru the entire process necessary to decode the cryptic writings of W. G. Gann. This webinar blends the science of linguistic exegesis with the proprietary knowledge of the trading methods of W. D. Gann to reveal the true subject matter of each of Gann’s volumes and the keys to unlocking “Tunnel Thru he Air.” Updates will include new Gann passages never publicly decoded before and even a few snippets from the Cuban Lottery Video.

We consider the “Decoding W. D. Gann” webinar to be unmatched in taking you through the process of decoding W. D. Gann’s writings and methods and reveals some of Gann’s coding that has never before been published.W. D. Gann wrote in a veiled language, but not all of his writings were encrypted in the same manner. To further complicate things, many of Gann’s writings were addressed to a particular audience as coded reminders of teaching they had already received. For more about “Decoding W. D. Gann” CLICK HERE



WD gann trading cycles This webinar was LIVE BROADCAST ONLY ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th. The magic behind W. D. Gann’s trading methods came from his esoteric system of astro-numerology. However, Gann had developed several “mechanical methods” that could be applied to a chart to confirm esoteric changes in trend and turn times. He would make these available to his students in simplified form. In this webinar we look carefully at Gann’s actual trades and charts and then applies Gann’s trading confirmation signals to modern markets to illustrate how Gann not only assembled his system, but also how he entered and exited his trades.

Many traders try to use the swing charts, scaling, numbered squares, and Gann Fans as W. D. Gann illustrated them in his books. The result is always the same: they don’t work or achieve limited success. This is because Gann’s chart based methods worked in a different manner than he showed people, and were used as confirmations of the underlying esoteric trading formulas for trend, turns, and price. For more about “W. D. Gann’s Trading Signals” CLICK HERE



wd gann square 9This webinar was presented in December, 2016. Check this page for updates on next broadcast date. In this exclusive webinar about the original mysterious trading methods of the legendary W. D. Gann, we’ll be outlining his entire trading system. Too often those who seek to unravel Gann’s encrypted methods look to master one of his “Holy Grail” techniques.

They try to grab one thing he did and apply it, often with little success. Though many of Gann’s techniques can be traded as stand-alone methods with incredible accuracy and consistency, the magic of Gann’s methodology was the incredible accuracy that is achieved by combining the 5 major components of Gann’s system. This webinar may be of particular interest to those considering our “W. D. Gann: Magic In The Markets” Seminar as the webinar outlines the entire course including recent examples. For more about “The Trading System of W. D. Gann” CLICK HERE. Check back on this page for the next scheduled broadcast of this webinar.



For examples of Gann’s trading techniques, see our “W. D. Gann: Magic In The Markets” Seminar.

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